Living Coasts is one of Torquay’s newest premier attractions.

It is sited on the harbour side in Torquay, right next to the shops and bars so within easy reach of the hotel. (Approximately 30 minute walk).

It is Britain’s only coastal zoo, affiliated with Paignton Zoo.

It is a research, conservation and education charity that is dedicated to the protection of plants, animal and their environment.

The site itself is covered by a huge aviary which houses animal enclosures, habitats that include a Penguin beach, a tropical mangrove swamp, otter rapids and more. The free-flying aviary is nearly 20 metres tall and is home to hundreds of animals including the Atlantic Mudskipper and the Asian short-clawed Otter, more than 300 birds such as the Tufted Penguin and the Red-Legged Kittiwake and sea life including deadly Indian Ribbontail Stingrays, the Common Octopus and Upside-Down Jellyfish.

Penguin Beach is a penguin-lovers heaven, where you can get up-close to the African penguins in their enclosure, which is designed to look like their coastal habitats in South Africa. All the penguins are free roaming and are often seen wandering the visitor paths using their very own ‘penguin crossings’!

The Mysterious Mangroves house massive aquarium tanks that contain over 20 species. They act as a nursery for a huge range of different fish and are found all over the globe.

The Otter Rapids feature both fresh and saltwater pools with a fast-flowing stream for the Asian otters to play in.

It is an all-weather attraction that boasts panoramic underwater and coastal viewing areas.

It is a member of the British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums (BIAZA) and a member of the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, with all its profits going straight back into the welfare of their animals.