Planning a visit to Torquay, Devon? You won’t be disappointed. We have long been known as the “English Riviera” and because of this, Torquay is visited by people of all ages from around the world, no matter what time of the year.

Here at the Balmoral, we believe that our location of Meadfoot is the perfect place to spend your summer or winter break.

Situated right next to the award winning Meadfoot beach, with stunning views and clean sea air, you will be in the perfect position to take in the amazing coastal scenery and explore the local area. For example, there are many coastal walking paths situated right outside the hotel, so you can easily go exploring the local sights and sounds.

Best of all, our location is close to Torquay town centre, so you are able to get out and visit the attractions that Torquay has to offer, while enjoying the luxury of basing yourself in a quiet and relaxed location.

What makes Meadfoot so special? In our opinion, it’s the ideal place to simply soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the scenery, and even spend your afternoons in our beautiful garden overlooking Meadfoot beach. Relax, unwind, and and enjoy the hospitality of The Hotel Balmoral .

You can even spend the majority of your time on Meadfoot beach, located right outside the hotel. This is one of the smaller beaches in Torquay, making it more more secluded, so you won’t have to fight with groups of other tourists for a good spot. You might even get the beach all to your yourself!

We are sure that Meadfoot beach will soon be your little secret that you won’t want to share with anyone.

As mentioned earlier, our location of Meadfoot is only a short walk to Torquay town centre, so if you fancy a stroll down the promenade lined with palm trees, or maybe a quick stop to enjoy a couple of drinks beside the illuminated bridge, then all of this is right on your doorstep.

Of course, you can then easily make it back to The Hotel Balmoral in time for a nightcap at our well stocked bar. Service with a smile, and a relaxed and informal atmosphere at any time, night or day.


We are a family run hotel, only 10 minutes away from Torquay town centre, that welcomes many new and returning guests every single year. Guests who enjoy the service from our friendly and welcoming staff, and a warm and cosy atmosphere that feels just like home.

There is a range of rooms to choose from, single, double, and family, and a chance to book a room with breathtaking sea views all year round.

If you want to be close to Torquay town centre, but be just far enough away so you’re not in the thick of the action with noisy traffic, then The Balmoral Hotel is the perfect choice for you and the whole family.