Here at The Hotel Balmoral we have always prided ourselves on providing top quality entertainment, be it for our ‘Weekend, Valentine’sEaster, Christmas or New Year Breaks’ and we thought this year, that we would give you a list of who is playing on what date, so if you have been before you may recognise a face or two (and book your next break to coincide), or if this is your first time, why not peruse the list to see which act is right for you?

Steve Parr                                                     Becky Bennett                                             Ben Douglas

Dave Hughes                                               Trena Marie                                                  Dave Banana

Wayne Martin                                             Ricky Tempo                                                 Keith Brett

Steve Parr, a well-known & loved entertainer around Torbay, he is very versatile and sings anything from Motown to Pop Rock to Show songs. A firm favourite here at The Balmoral!

steve parr

Dave Hughes is another great all-rounder with his multi-keyboard set-up, able to tackle anything from the 1950’s right up to present day. He has as an incredible voice as fantastic keyboard skills!

Keith copyright

Becky Bennett is local (from Paignton) and a fantastic performer! Her musical abilities range from Lady Gaga to Show songs and everything in between!

becky bennett (2)

Keith Brett is an amazing guitar player and has a sublime voice to match! 

(Awaiting photo)


Wayne Martin is another fantastic performer, full of wit and has an amazing voice.

Trena Marie is fantastic, she has loads of life and manages to make each evening spectacular!

2 (2)

Dave Banana is brilliant, both to listen to and to dance to. His musical talents know no bounds!

Ben Douglas is a young performer with an amazing voice!

Ben Douglas 2 (2)

Ricky Tempo, last on this list but certainly not least! Ricky plays guitar and has a superb voice, his act involves some beautiful music, not to be missed.

Ricky Tempo NEW 2014 (2)

2017 Dates


14th- Steve Parr

24th & 25th- Wayne Martin & Dave Hughes


3rd & 4th- Steve Parr & Wayne Martin

10th & 11th- Steve Parr & Wayne Martin

17th & 18th- Steve Parr & Wayne Martin

24th & 25th- Steve Parr & TBA

31st March & 1st April- TBA & Wayne Martin#


7th & 8th- Keith Brett & Dave Hughes

14th & 15th- Steve Parr & Trena Marie

21st & 22nd- Wayne Martin & Ben Douglas

28th & 29th- Dave Banana & TBA


5th & 6th- Steve Parr & Dave Hughes

12th & 13th- Steve Parr & TBA

26th & 27th- Steve Parr & Dave Hughes


2nd & 3rd- TBA & Dave Hughes

9th & 10th- Steve Parr & Trena Marie


29th & 30th- Steve Parr & Trena Marie


6th & 7th- Keith Brett & Trena Marie

13th & 14th- Steve Parr & TBA

20th & 21st- Steve Parr & Dave Hughes

27th & 28th- Steve Parr & Dave Hughes


3rd & 4th- Ricky Tempo & Trena Marie

10th & 11th- Ricky Tempo & Ben Douglas

17th & 18th- Ricky Tempo & Trena Marie

24th & 25th- Steve Parr & TBA


1st & 2nd- Steve Parr & TBA

8th & 9th- Steve Parr & Keith Brett

24th, 25th & 26th- Ricky Tempo, Keith Brett & Trena Marie

28th & 29th- Dave Banana & TBA

30th & 31st- Ricky Tempo & Dave Hughes