New website screen shot balmoral

We’ve now just launched the new website.  I have been working hard behind the scenes to bring a fresh new look to the Balmoral – hope you like it.

You will be pleased to know that the new website is mobile and tablet friendly so (fingers crossed) you wont have any troubles viewing the site while on the go.

But we haven’t just redesigned the website, we’ve done a little interior designing too,


As you can see we have made some extensive changes to the reception area, we removed all the old brown wood from the walls and redecorated behind the reception area and frontage.  All the shields and Scottish family crests have not been removed completely, these charms will now reside  in the bar instead. A new fireplace has been installed to give the room a nice cosy feel. We have also added some new furniture to the reception, one three seater settees and two, two seater settees with two tub chairs.

Room Types Changed

We changed our ‘standard room type’ names,  and renamed them to Cosy rooms –

We feel this describes the rooms much better, but let us know your thoughts. “Rooms with bath” – Practically named but not really sounding very inviting. I was recently watching an old episode of Fawlty Towers when Basil asked, ‘Room with bath, madam?’ so thought that it would be nice to change this to represent the room in a clearer and more up to date fashion. Some guests also assumed that the rooms which did not say “with bath” had no en-suite facilities at all which of course is not true. We have renamed these rooms ‘Premium Rooms’ we shall also be adding some more features to the ‘premium rooms’ this year so watch this space.

Designated room page which features room availability – When using the booking system I found it annoying when trying to check if a particular room type was available on a certain date, you would have to search multiple times and scroll down the bottom of the booking page too see if your room had magically appeared. Now you can see what dates a room is available and when its not, without the hassle.#

Frequently asked questions

Here at the Balmoral, we tend to get asked a lot of the same questions, so a useful addition we have added is an FAQ Feature.

If you have a questions you are welcome to leave them there on the site where we can respond, or even add them to the FAQ section for others.

Events, News ( this page) blogs & Attractions

We are adding new events and attractions everyday, soon we will have a comprehensive list of all attractions and local events . The closer the event is due the more prominent its displayed and will be featured on the main homepage. This should make it easy to find out what events are happening during your stay.


We wanted to make our popular restaurant one of our main features, also advertising the fact that we have a full sized bar with a large variety of drinks. As you may have noticed we have added a new logo to our site ! –  The Balmoral, Hotel Restaurant, Bar – our outside blue signage will remain the same for now.

Much more

We have re-written nearly all the text on site, to portray the relaxed style and atmosphere we provide . We will be adding more pages soon including one page on the Balmoral’s history which many ask about – its not quite finished yet but we wanted to get the new site live..

Take a look round and you are welcome to leave us a comment (you can comment on most pages) – No need to sign up and your email is never disclosed or used for marketing purposes unless your signed up to our newsletter.

If you have been directed here by our newsletter we hope you take advantage of our special offer which will stay live for the next seven days. If you have not signed up you can do so at the bottom of our homepage.

Hope you like it,  and we welcome your, comments, and of course, ideas to make it even better.

By Alex Irwin