When visiting The English Riviera, it’s important to add a bit of class and style to your trip. After all, Torquay is more like the South of France than an English Seaside Resort, with it’s palm trees and clean beaches, if you’ve never visited our little corner of the world before then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, not every one will really experience the true Torquay when visiting with a poor quality hotel or coach holiday tour operator,

That’s a real shame, which is why here at The Hotel Balmoral, we are on a mission to let people know why they should choose us for a self drive break, as we offer one of the best self drive hotels in Torquay. Far better than going on a coach holiday where some are average at best, and a total nightmare at worst.

By all means we are not saying there’s not great coaching hotels in Torquay, but if you choose a self drive break your cutting out the “coach part” (which is why you have chose a self drive break), Your doing exactly the same thing staying at the Balmoral. If you are willing  to give up the afternoon excursions be prepared to experience how we excel in areas where the others just cant match at a price nearly as good.

Suddenly it  seems silly to have a look at some of the deals there are at the great independent hotels in the area, such as ours,

Why are we different?

It starts with the food…

Our fine dining restaurant has long been a secret in the Torquay community, mainly because people who experience our food want to keep it to themselves. If you want something more than the standard fare served up in some of the coaching hotels in Torquay, then you will delighted by what our professional chef has to offer. Fresh vegetables and local produce, freshly caught fish, and a continental twist…everything you need for a 5 star dining experience without the high prices.

You will remember the service…

Because we are a family run hotel, and our location is well away from the rows of faceless hotels, you can expect “service with a smile” at all times of the day during your self drive break in Torquay. Nothing is too much trouble for our friendly staff, and you will be greeted with a FREE Devon cream tea before being shown to your modern, clean, and comfy room (sea views available).

And our location…

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of gentle waves rolling onto Meadfoot beach just below our hotel, or spending your afternoon taking in the scenic coastline from our peaceful garden. These are memories that will last a lifetime, but they are only available when you choose our establishment as your self drive hotel in Torquay.

We are not beaten on quality..

You might think that stopping at The Hotel Balmoral is expensive, but actually, our rates are extremely competitive for the quality food we serve and sometimes our offers are very similar to what you will find from some coaching hotels. When you add to this the fact that we offer lots of deals all year round including breakfast and dinner, it’s easy to see why you should choose us for your next self drive break in Torquay.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for something unique, a homely family atmosphere, great quality food  and you want to stop in a beautiful location right by the sea, then The Hotel Balmoral should be your number one choice.