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8 Walks in Torquay

A good reason to visit Torquay at any time of the year is because of the walks. Did you know that there are well over 100 miles of footpaths and trails in and around the Torquay area? With this in mind, you will definitely find a walk to suit your interests and energy levels.

Walking in Torquay is a great way to forget the stress and strains of everyday life and emerge yourself into the hidden world of coastlines, countryside, coves, and villages.

Below are some of the walks you could soon be enjoying in Torquay:

South West Coast Path

This is a huge walk that consists of approximately 630 miles of pure coastal scenery gold. The Torquay part of the path starts at Sharkham Point and ends in Maidencombe, giving you the chance to experience stunning views of the sea at many different points along the way.

Greenway Walk

One of the most popular walks in Torquay is the Greenway walk. Coming in at a reasonable 6 miles, you can expect to see many points of interest relating to the famous Author Agatha Christie, including her stunning estate and the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

John Musgrave Heritage Trail

If you feel like a challenge then why not attempt the 35 mile John Musgrave Heritage Trail? Don’t worry though, as you don’t have to finish it all in one go because the trail is conveniently split into four sections that make it easier to walk the entire trail during your stay in Torquay. Start off at Maidencombe and take a lazy stroll to Cockington to complete the first section.

Maidencombe to Torquay Harbour

Perfect for a summer stroll, the Maidencombe to Torquay Harbour walk attracts thousands of people every single year. On this walk you can expect to see tiny coves that smugglers used years ago, as well as famous landmarks such as Babbacombe Bay, Hope’s Nose, and Kents Cavern. You then continue past Meadfoot Beach and end in Torquay Harbour, which looks great around sunset so make sure you try and time it right.

It is then a short walk back to The Hotel Balmoral (which overlooks Meadfoot Beach) where you can expect a friendly welcome, excellent local food, and a prime location for exploring Torquay.

Torquay to Brixham

Once you have discovered some of the coastal and countryside walks available in the Torquay area, you might want to try something a little bit different. The Torquay to Brixham walk mainly follows the road, although there are many sights and attractions to keep your interest along the way. You could explore Kirkham House, stop off at Paignton Zoo, or even visit the Aquarium at the Harbourside.

The walk finishes off at Brixham which is a nice little place where you can see fishing boats and trawlers coming in and out of the harbour, as well as a market that sells freshly caught fish right out of the sea.

Torquay to Totnes

One walk that doesn’t get enough attention from tourists on the English Riviera is the Torquay to Totnes walk. In a nutshell, this will give you plenty of opportunity to walk through fields and countryside lanes with many valley views along the way. The walk finishes in the small town of Totnes where it is customary to stop and experience a local pint before making your way back.

Salcombe to Hope Cove

This walk becomes extremely popular during the summer, so if it’s peace and quiet you’re after then you should go during the Autumn or Winter and you will find that you have nearly the whole trail to yourself. Expect to find many amazing views of the Sea and numerous places where you can stop off and have a quick drink.

Bantham to Thurlestone

For people interested in the history of Torquay and South Devon there is no better walk than Bathma to Thurlstone. Not only is it short (coming in at approximately 3.5 miles), but it also has a backdrop of amazing coastline and inspiring green fields. During the walk you will find many points of interest relating to Saxon times and smugglers so make sure you have your camera at the ready.

Keeping Safe When Walking in Torquay

While exploring the various walks in Torquay should be a relaxing time, it’s always important to remember certain advice and tips to keep yourself safe.

Firstly, always stay away from cliff edges and resist the urge to peer over them. Although it might look safe enough, many cliffs are actually unstable or the surface could be wet which would make it easy to slip.

Next, you should always take extra care when you are out walking with children. Don’t let your children wander off without your supervision, especially on coastal paths and around cliffs. There is no reason why children can’t have a great time while walking in Torquay, you just need to make sure they are safe.

Also, make sure you are always prepared before setting out on a walk especially when you are going to be out all day. Pay attention to the weather forecast, pack plenty of food, drink, and sunscreen, and try and dress for the occasion, packing extra clothing if you suspect the weather might turn cooler towards late afternoon and early evening.

Lastly, it’s often a good idea to take it slowly if you are not a regular walker. Start off with some of the smaller walks to get into the swing of things, and don’t be afraid to turn back or stop for some rest if the walk feels too strenuous.

All You Need is a Weekend or more

The perfect way to start exploring walks in Torquay is to book a weekend break at The Hotel Balmoral. Best of all, you can take advantage of one of the special weekend breaks that is priced at only £98pp. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as live music and an excellent location for the majority of Torquay walks.

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