English Riviera Open Bowls Tournament


Following on from the success of previous tournaments, we are delighted to welcome all competitors, their families and friends to the English Riviera. The tournament will be held across multiple venues,

tcpic2namely Abbey Park, Torquay

Victoria Bowling Club,

Kings Bowling Club,

And Torquay Bowling Green.

Half the reason people return year after year is the beautiful locations that the English Riviera has to offer. As always, entries so far this year have been extremely good so we are look forward to a full, exciting and competitive event. The programme for the week will be the same format to previous years with bowlers having the opportunity to play throughout the week. Don’t miss the social events on Tuesday at Torquay Bowling Club and Thursday at Kings Bowling Club.

The tournament will be held on 15th June 2014 until 22nd June 2014.

Contact: 01803 557344.